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Wholemeal and spelt sourdough

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Wholemeal and spelt sourdough

Just posting up a recipe experiment I did the other day. The first time I've used spelt in a loaf and it didn't really seem like much flavour came through. What kind of % spelt should I be working with before I begin to notice??

Recipe and photos are below!

200g Strong white
200g whole meal
100g spelt
300g water
200g liquid levain (125% hydration)
12g salt

- Dough was 23C at bulk ferment
- 3hr 20min bulk ferment at room temperature
- 19 hours retard in the fridge
- 1 hour out of the fridge
- Bake for 45 minutes at 240 Celsius 

I scored it half moon but it didn't appear to really do much and it just broke through the top anyway!

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I highly recommend the following bread, with bread flour, whole wheat, rye, and spelt.  It is based on the BBA Poilane-style miche.  I've made it twice now (my first sourdough breads), and it is excellent--complex, deep flavors.  

My starter is 100% hydration, and the crumb is somewhat tight, but appropriate for the hydration.  I'm considering trying a higher hydration to open the crumb.

The recipe is from the Breadtopia website, and there are two accompanying videos.