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Youtube recipe - super hydrated starter

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Youtube recipe - super hydrated starter

West Indian (Guyanese Style) Step by Step on How to Make Plait Bread


So basically the woman in this video is making a bread well known west indians as Guyana bread, Plait bread, or big bread. The bread itself resembles a Challah in looks but tastes different as the recipe calls for not eggs. Her end product is wonderfully authentic; however, her video showing how she actually made the bread is flawed because the first 2min and 30sec of it are actually material from a different source which is a different recipe than what she shows.

Basically the part I'm interested in is where she shows her actually making the bread. It looks like she uses all of the water that her recipe calls for, and ends up with a super wet starter. Can someone help me understand what exactly she is doing? I've tried contacting her through youtube but to no avail. I would really appreciate your help

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Watching it on youtube directly where she gives the recipe:

I think that the initial photo with the wet bubbly thing is just proofing the yeast. Other than that, I don't think there's anything special about it, although I can't be bothered to work out the hydration from the cup measurements. It looks like a basic/simple slightly enriched bread dough.

I suspect that any standard 60% hydration bread dough would make the same thing here.

annoying muzak though.


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Les Nightingill

looks to me as if she's making a poolish (probably what you're calling the "wet starter"?). She lets it rise and then makes the final dough by adding flour, salt(?), sugar(?), and butter to the poolish.