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Cinnamon Babka

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Cinnamon Babka

Hello all!

Recently I've been smitten with babka and can't get enough. 

This is a cinnamon babka I made recently.  I made enough to take to work and share with family and they sure didn't last very long!

I have the recipe and directions on my blog at - check it out if you're interested and thanks for looking!

cinnamon babka

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This technique looks a lot like the Russian braid that Ciril Hitz does in this video:

Is Babka another name for the same thing, or are they completely different?

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Hi MonkeyDaddy,

Thanks for the comment.  Babka does have many names like Kulich and others I don't know.

After watching the video you reference I guess the technique is similar.  I posted a video of exactly how I did it here:


I hope this is helpful!


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I love my babka and haven't made any for a while. You have inspired me to bake one.

Happy baking, Ski

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Thanks Skibum, it's fun to make - I encourage you to do so!