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100% sourdough Pain au Chocolate

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100% sourdough Pain au Chocolate

I had to share this with you guys :) I have been successfully making 100% sourdough pain au chocolate. and a version with almond paste you might call an almond croissant. Light, fluffy, wonderfully layered, sourdough croissants! There not really white because our leaven is 50/50 whole rye and white spelt, so theyre even healthy :P

Anyhow people love them at our little stall along side out loaves...

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I'm wanting to grab some from my screen now to taste it!

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So yum!

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Better Bread

Those look great! For the last couple years I've been focussing pretty strictly on baking sourdough hearth breads, but I've had a renewed interest in pastry lately, especially naturally leavened and whole grain. Any chance you would be willing to share your formula? Does anyone have any good websites or books to recommend on this subject? 

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We make organic 100% sourdough hearth breads in 8 varieties and then we have 2 types of croissants as well. Its time consuming to roll by hand when you do 40 of them.

Our leaven that we use for all out products is the same; 128g whole rye flour, 128 white spelt, 400g water.

Sourdough Croissants;

745g white flour (we use bakers flour with around 12%, but it might be better to use less strong if you like)

305g leaven (we use our leaven at pre-peak directly from the fridge, young/fresh leaven is best as its less sour)

167g cold milk

158g cold water

53g unsalted butter

45g sugar (we use a mild brown but white would do)

12g salt

Incorporate all ingredients, work til smooth (dont over work as it gets too strong) Wrap well with multiple layers of glad wrap (weve had a couple explode in the fridge), put in the fridge over night. Laminate the next morning with 400g unsalted butter (cultured butter has more flavour) Im assuming you know how to laminate ,if you dont I can give you details :) I do an envelope fold for the lock in and make sure the butter goes right to the edge. Then another envelope, and then a full book fold.

I roll it out about 7mm or so and cut 9 x 14cm, pipe very stiff ganache (if its too soft itll all melt out) put candied pecans with it and fold like traditional pain au chocolate - with the 2 fillings twice. I bake @ 210C for about 17 - 18mins with steam, vented @ 10mins.


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Well done and happy baking 

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why  thankyou :) very yum and not so hard to make either