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quick help please with a levain issue

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quick help please with a levain issue

So…  I'm following Ken Forkish recipes in Flour, Water, Salt, Yeast.    My starter is great, I'm on schedule, my bread is turning out wonderful.

Today I got up and made the bacon all levain bread.   However, I must have been tired.  I used my levain after 24 four hours since its last feeding.  Ken's recipe calls for making the bread in the evening before…  I usually do.

Any way to fix this?  Would a longer slow rise in the fridge help instead of his recommended 12 hours on the shelf?   I guess I'm worried that I used my levain at its weakest moment (except when I let it go for a year in the fridge, but thats another story…) and not sure if there is a good fix.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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Lazy Loafer

Hi Don. I notice you never got a reply to your post back in December. How did the bread turn out? Any learnings that the rest of us can benefit from? I often use my starters when they are 'off-peak' and the results vary. I haven't recorded anything consistently though so I don't have any hard and fast rules to share. I suppose that, if you are going to feed a starter by adding flour and water to it, even if that is in the process of making your final dough, then it will eventually regain strength.