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bagel toast..

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bagel toast..

I made a video on how to make bagel toasts.. 
and it turned out really good and perfect for toasting! 

All you need is: 

500 gr flour 
20 gr canola oil 
10 gr yeast 
10 gr salt 
20 gr sugar 
295 gr water 

And that's it you're good to go.. 
you know.. sometimes you just have to get off you diet (if you're on one) and eat some "unhealthy" food, like toasts.. well in the video i show you how to make the bread that's why i'm posting this here.. and as i said it turned out pretty good, better than the one you buy in stores.. its a little bit harder than getting it ready but hey.. its worth it and you should try it..

so i just wanted to share this with you.. 

This is the link to the video if you want more explanation and exact method ( i explain how to do it exactly ) 

I Hope You Enjoy Eating and using It As I Did