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wrapping rye bread in a cloth?

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wrapping rye bread in a cloth?

At some point, I remember reading somewhere that one should wrap rye bread in a linen cloth straight out of the oven (or perhaps once it cooled?) The idea was to retain the moisture, and therefore prolong the life of the bread. However, I can't find that reference any more, and was wondering if anyone else does this?

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Edo Bread

After the have cooled I always put my bread in a cloth bag. Keeps them perfect for days.

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not all rye is the same...if you are talking close to 100% rye sourdough, then it is common to wrap the loaf for 24hrs plus before slicing, some do cloth, others plastic wrap.

I have found that a traditional rugbrot loaf benefits for a day or two wrapped...the flavor and texture seem to both develop nicely and slicing is much easier