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First attempt low carb Bread without "normal"flour

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First attempt low carb Bread without "normal"flour

Ingredients: gluten flour, wheat bran, whole grain barley sourdough, water and dry instant yeast.

The crust is not very hard and relatively tender,guess it's because of the low content of sugar.

My motivation for making it is my diabetic grandpa,RIP.


btw,why the bubbles seemed shrink on the bottom of the slice?

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I'm not sure what gluten flour is or how it helps avoid carbs, but your bread looks good, nice shape, open crumb. Will it hold a sandwich together without crumbling? I use a lot of whole grains and frequently find the crust softens as the loaf cools.

My guess on the holes is simply gravity and the ability of the gluten matrix to support the weight above it. The holes appear to be about the same size as those above, but are collapsing. Nice job!



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Thank you Cathy!

Gluten flour is vital wheat gluten(maybe people use this name in the U.S.),its major constitution is Gluten(wheat protein) and very low content of carbs.

From my taste, it's chewyer than normal wheat bread.It has strong structure,sufficient to hold a sandwich!(Owes much to the high content of protein)