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a lazy sourdough ratio (and schedule) for the non-thinking baker

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a lazy sourdough ratio (and schedule) for the non-thinking baker

Hi folks -

After making a few loaves from Forkish's wonderfu Flour, Water ..., I got a bit weary of the math.

And then I happened upon this lazy ratio -- 1:3:4:.1

So, for every 100g of starter (and the hydration varies, but I tend to keep my starter a little on the firm side), I use 300g of water, 400g of flour (typically split 1:3 whole wheat flour:bread flour), and 10g of salt.

During the week, I make the dough when I get up (6:30-ish), let it rise in the cellar (where it's coolest), shape when I get home (7-ish), and bake when the loaf is adquately proofed (typically somewhere between 9 & 11). [Oh yeah - when I remember, I also feed the starter when I get up & when I get home.]

So far, so good.  Shots of this morning's bake follow.,


- Richard

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great then it has to be good.  When working with such a high hydration dough than the standard 1:2;3 SD recipe you really have to get the gluten developed very well and make sure it doesn't over ferment or over proof.  This bread is screaming of 12 minutes of slap and folds at the beginning with two moire sets of 2 minutes each - about twice as much as i would use for the 1;2:3.   With 3 sets of stretch and fold to follow this should help it spring up rather than spreading out in the heat.  Well done and 

Happy baking