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Pretzel Help!

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Pretzel Help!

Hey Everyone!

In a bit of a quandry. Would like to sell Pretzels with this killer Philly Soft Pretzel recipe I have but I have one problem. No matter what I do, they keep sticking to pan and or paper. Spray or no spray. Parchment paper or no paper and any combo you can think of.  I'm baking these from home right now and am at a loss.  Right now they are not time efficient to make it worth selling.  Thank you in advance for any help you can offer!

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I'm always reading that people say Pretzels stick to baking paper and I don't understand how. I use parchment paper with my pretzels all the time and I bake them every week. I don't use any oil I just place them straight onto the parchment paper, you have to remove them from the parchment paper as SOON as they come out from the oven. The only time they have ever been hard to remove is when I have left them for a minute on the paper before removing. Maybe parchment paper is different in Australia??? Are you removing them straight away? I literally remove the tray from the oven and remove the pretzels, burnt my fingers many a time lol. Good luck with it !

Cheers Sonia