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A too-small dutch oven

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A too-small dutch oven

I bought a dutch oven to bake artisan bread at home oven. My previous lodge dutch oven was too big and I prefer to have a smaller one to bake a smaller bread. Unfortunately, it's too small.

Should I still use it to bake artisan bread? Does it make sense to make small artisan bread?

The full details of the item is at the link below.

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Mini Oven

it's cute!   so cute!

Does it make sense?   I don't know.  For one person maybe the right size.   Could also slip into a toaster oven.

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It looks like you pot has a diameter of about 13-14 cm. A loaf that size is more like a large roll IMO. I'd prefer something larger, even for just my wife and me, because it's basically the same amount of effort to bake a larger loaf as one so small. But that's just me.

If I had six or eight small pots, that would be different since I could make a batch of small rolls / loaves instead of just one.  

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Yes, i am thinking to have 2-3 such small pot and cook mini artisan bread.

So I just make the same recipe but instead of shape into 1 size of 18-20cm, i put into 2 pot of 14 cm.