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adding gluten to AP flour

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adding gluten to AP flour


I typically keep both AP and bread flour, but also have vital wheat gluten (that isn't getting much attention).  

Anyone up for running through the math to illustrate the process of turning AP into bread flour by adding gluten (in a predictable, appropriate way)?  My brain is stuck at the moment...

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will help which I initiated the other day:


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AbeNW11 (not verified)

also helps makes the dough stronger. Apparently!

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We live in France and the locally produced flour is very low in gluten, even what they call farine complete. So I've used VWG sometimes, which does help but the resulting dough isn't as supple as with canadian or british bread flour. I think I used a level tbsp to a pound of flour.

I don't bother now as I can get bread flour brought over from the UK.