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The names Blonde ...

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The names Blonde ...

Sourdough Blonde.


Is it just me or do others have odd names for their bread. I make these once or twice a week - just a white flour sourdough loaf. Seems to go down well.


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I never knew what to call mine, since I only make one kind of bread.  I settled for "country loaf," which hardly means anything, but people like it!  

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I think Mini commented a few days back that it seemed the time of year for white breads.  As usual, she is right.   Yesterday I made a similar sourdough bread adding a little semolina to give it a yellowish crumb. (even more "blonde")   I followed Sam Fromartz' "country bread" instructions (In Search of the Perfect Loaf) and the slow development of the dough makes a very flavorful loaf.

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But I sell these, so they need names...

White food, brown food, white food with bits on, brown food with bits in, brown food with bits in, etc.. Not sure that would go down well!


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Seems like an excellent name to me and if I was near you I could see myself buying it.