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Adventures @ NECI

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Adventures @ NECI

So, I've passed my Advanced Placement Exam, and started in the "Second Residency" portion of the Baking and Pastry Arts Bachelors Degree program at New England Culinary Institute. 

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I'm currently in holding my own in "Artisan Breads II", but I have discovered some gaps in my previous education and experience that i'd like to close up before moving on, so I'll be auditing "Artisan Breads I" starting Monday at the same time.

In an effort to share my experience and chronicle my journey, I'll offer some pictures and insight as appropriate from time to time here, as my schedule allows. 

My Chef/Instructor is brilliant, and i enjoy her dry cutting British wit, and her playful but serious "tough love" approach to teaching. 

It is a real production kitchen and (hopefully) everything we bake goes out for sale to the public. The kitchen itself is completely viewable to the public through the large glass windows, so we are always on our best behavior.

This is the customers' view of our kitchen.

And all our baked goods, presented for sale in the Deli.

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Very active starters


Breads not good enough for sale


Crumb shot of the onion/cheese bread.

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Morgan le Fay

Send the "breads not good enough to sell" to me. I will sacrifice myself for the good of all. It's the right thing to do.

Congratulations! I have always thought of trying to audit a professional class like that myself. I hope you truly enjoy it!!

Seriously, save yourselves, send me the dangerous bread...

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My daughter graduated from NECI some years ago, and we visited all the facilities, and had several meals and pastries - soooo good.

I remember the graduation at the Trapp Family Lodge as the best tasting I've ever attended (and probably the least boring!)

Best wishes for your future!


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Well done and Happy baking 

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Overflowing starter has become a very familiar sight in my kitchen :)

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East Coast Crust

Chef Nancy is a riot. I'm a student at NECI also (I'll be MOD3 in October, BACA). I took one day of Artisan Breads with Chef Nancy during my Dual Enrollment stay in Montpelier and it was so fun that I almost considered going for a B&P degree.