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1st Try with Whole Wheat

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1st Try with Whole Wheat

I just finished baking 2 loafs of a Ken Forkish 40% Overnight Whole Wheat Bread from his book Flour Water Salt Yeast.  I’ve attached a couple of pictures.  I am pleased with the results as these are the 3rd and 4th loves of bread I've ever baked in my 60 years on this earth.   I just have a couple of questions.  I was surprised how wet the dough was when I took it out of the refrigerator this morning.  It was difficult for me to hold on to it as I placed it in the cast iron kettle for baking.  Is this normal for this type of bread?  I also found it difficult to score with my new lame.  I thought a razor blade should slice right through it but it would grab and pull at the dough.  Is this normal?

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Now searching for your crumb shot. Nice work.