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10% Corn flour, straight

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10% Corn flour, straight

I wanted to know how does it work corn flour in a no-knead loaf, with straight system. The result was quiet good.

70% organic bread flour, 20% organic stoneground whole wheat flour, 10% organic corn flour, 78% water and 2,1% salt and 1,1% fresh yeast.



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What does the crumb look like? How does it taste? It looks so good!

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Tommy gram

Im a Corn flour guy too, good for getting the crispy crust, Duram flour Semolina good for that too. 

What is this no knead you speak of? I have heard of it but scoffed and have done no research about it.

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I'm especially curious since I just bought some corn flour a couple of days ago to try out soon.