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Diastatic malt powder substitution

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Diastatic malt powder substitution

Planning to make these for tomorrow's dinner :

Poolish is started, but  I don't have  - and cannot get it where I live  - any diastatic malt powder, was thinking of replacing some of the strong flour with malted wholemeal - has anyone an idea of how much I could replace and if it could work?  




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Diastatic malt syrup is a good substitute, and is available in many health food stores. 

You could always use either white sugar or honey. It won't be exactly the same, but should work just fine. I would substitute  1:1 aka same quantities.  



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Hi Paola,

While your poolish is fermenting for 15 hrs, you can sprout some grain - wheat or rye kernels, it takes them several hours to sprout at room temperature. Then blend them in blender with a portion of water for the dough, strain, and add liquid to your dough. This will provide enough malt enzymes in solution to substitute for powdered sprouted grain (i.e. diastatic malt powder). 

About 45-50g, an ounce and a half of sprouted grain, blended and strained would be enough for the recipe in the wildyeast blog. 

Or else you could add enough sugar into dough to provide for 3g of instant yeast for 4 hrs of fermentation . That would be 

3x2x4 = approximately 25-30g sugar,

since each gram of instant yeast consumes 2x its weight in sugar per hour of fermentation in lean dough. 

best wishes, 


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idea!  Never would have thought to do that!

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Oldie but Newbie

I googled substitution formula for dry malt/ sugar and found your - Each gram of instant yeast consumes 2x its weight in sugar per hour of fermentation in lean dough -

I used it for baguettes recipe I had. Result gave me great satisfaction! Thank you for posting it.

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Thanks, I did add some barley malt syrup (I use ot for bagels usually) - and some malted flour - I'm not in US and here we call it Malthouse or Granary. I think in my house the sprouting can take a couple of days - the temperature rarely never goes above 18 ˚ celsius!  (I have to use a dehydrator to proof dough....)  

Happy xmas everyone!

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Mini Oven

Would substituting part of the AP or Bread flour for some Spelt flour up the Diastase?