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white bread, light weight class

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white bread, light weight class

Between all good wort bread this is a simple and very good  white bread in the light weight class. This time I use yeast but a modification of the recipe, you can probably use sourdough instead.

Havent you checked out my last wort bread, I recommended you to do that, here the link. I hope a new wort bread will be published in the end of the week eller beginning of next week.

Ingredients, 1 bread

10 g fresh yeast

300 g cold water

390 g wheat flour

6-9 g salt

 How to do

Mix water and yeast. Add flour and salt and mix it properly (no machine). The dough should not be dry, compact. Let the dough rest for 30 minutes.

Then  is time for a "variation of stretch and fold" or whatever you call it. Dip you hand in cold water and stretch the dough in the bowl and fold it to the centre of the dough. Stretch and fold it as inserted picture, 3-4 times = a whole turn, 360 degree. Do then stretch/fold, rest 30 min room temperature, stretch/fold, rest 30 min room temperature, stretch/fold, rest 60 min (not 30) room temperature.

Sprinkle rough rye flour on a towel. Put the dough on the towel and flat it out a little. Then fold the doughs edges to the middle of the dough and turn the dough with the seam down.  Fold the towel with the dough as a package and let it proof for 60 minutes. There should be room for the dough to poof under the towel.

Then heat the owen to 250 degree celcius with a baking sheet in the middle and a rough baking sheet at the lowest level. Turn the dough on the baking sheet with the seam up in the owen with a 1 dl cold water in the lowest baking sheet. After 15 minutes ventilate and keep ventilate every 5 minutes. Bake around 30-35 minutes (total time). If the bread gets to dark, lowering the temperature to 200-225 degree celcius.