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We 3 gmas made "Rustic Potato Loaves"

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We 3 gmas made "Rustic Potato Loaves"

page 138 "Baking with Julia"... this was a nicely soft dough and made great bread, for those who like soft loaves. I like soft loaves to use for sandwiches and toast, great toast!!! I made grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and they were pretty great too. My picture is the lead in... 

Barbra used textured paper towels for a rising mat and the texture transferred to the dough making a nice pattern.

  and her loaves came out lovely.

 and the crumb is nice and soft  

Very nice loaves, nice and light... I am betting these were gifted, since Barb is a tougher crusted loving, tartine loving lady!!!

Helen's loaves are beautiful too... and she, like me, is a soft bread loving lady!!! Helen and I left the peels on our potatoes and you can see the texture is different than Barb's... all good... next week Persian Naan.

Here are Helen's pictures.


Picture perfect and fun times!!! Loving "Baking with my sisters" and with Julia!

Happy Baking, Diane

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I do wish I had a couple of slices of your wonderful bread for my toast in the morning!

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I always enjoy seeing what you all are up to.  These look really tasty.  Potatoes do nice things to the crumb.  

I keep potato water in my freezer intending to add it to doughs but somehow it gets shoved to the back of the shelf and forgotten until it is defrosting time.  Your post has reminded me I have some lurking somewhere and I may just go try to dig it out and use it!  (It is defrosting time too but I really, really do not want to undertake that project right now so i will keep my eyes closed when I dig :)



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Those sure look beautiful. Lovely breads, well done!


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potato bread.  Something about potato always makes for a fine looking and tasting bread and a potato starter is pretty special too.  All of the bread looks delicious.  Can't help but want some of this for today's lunch sandwich.    I too keep potato water in the freezer but it is right in front and doesn't last long there.  Well Done GMA'sand

happy Baking

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I always love your posts!  I'm just one gma but I do love to bake bread for my family.  There's norhing like having your grandchildren walk in with the aroma of freshly baked breads, and/or brownies, and/or coffee cakes, etc. meeting them at the door!  Keep it up!  

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Diane caught me, I did send off one of the loaves fashioned into garlic bread for a grandson's lasagna dinner. He and his wife are truly soft bread fans. We did enjoy the first loaf, mostly as really good toast. Today's bake was a rye/potato/rye chops and wheat sandwich bake. This time one of the loaves went home with the youngest of the grandchildren. When I warned him to only hold the top of the bag because it was fresh out of the oven, he got out the thermometer to check it. This is the little guy who loves to make real chicken nuggets and he checks for the correct temp of every one! Maybe a future baker, hopefully at least someone who will know that good food starts in the kitchen, not in an assembly line or fast food window.

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which had roasted garlic in them into my everyday dough along with a touch of olive oil.  This has truly been the most flavorful bread in months.  Congratulations on your success. They are beautiful and I know taste just a perfect !!!