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Wild Rice Flour & home made rye malt, 100% sourdough loaf

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MJ Sourdough

Wild Rice Flour & home made rye malt, 100% sourdough loaf

Hi Freshloafers

I just finished my first 100% sourdough loaf with organic Canadian wild rice flour and organic homemade rye malt powder. The bread was great if i say so myself! 

Just wanted to share. I can share my method if anyone is interested. 

Pictures below


MJ Sourdough

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Looks very nice. Is there any wheat flour as well? Love to have the recipe.

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Perfect crust and crumb!  Nice bake.

Do you taste the wild rice flour?  I have only used rice flour to flour my baskets and not in baking.


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MJ Sourdough

Thanks for the all the positive responses. They are greatly appreciated! The loaf was light, moist and the wild rice flour added a very nutty flavour. A basic outline of my method for a single 1000g loaf is below. I can add more detail to any section if anyone wants. Please let me know what you think.

Ingredients: in bakers percentage (and in grams)

Organic hard Canadian bread flour: 65 (337g)
Organic Canadian wild rice flour: 35 (181g)
Water: 70 (362g)
French unprocessed Ile de Re sea salt: 3 (16g)
Ripe starter: 15 (78g)
Homemade malted Organic rye powder: 5 (26g)

Day 1:

5pm - expand/refresh starter. Water (26g), bread flour (26g) and starter that I keep fridge (26g). This will make a total of 78g of ripe starter. Rest at room temperature

Day 2

7:30am - create levain using 1/3 of the total flour content, 1/3 of the total water and all the expanded/ripe starter (see above). Bread flour (112g), wild rice flour (60g), water (120g), expanded/ripe starter (78g). Rest the levain at room temperature.

4:20pm - add the rest of the ingredients to the levain (see above) to make the final dough (excluding salt). Bread flour (225g), wild rice flour (121g), water (242g), malt (16g).

4:35pm - add salt, and knead for 10min.

4:45pm - rest.

5:10pm - stretch & fold 

5:35pm - stretch & fold, shape and put in brotform, cover in a plastic bag and place in fridge.

Day 3:

7:50am - remove from fridge. Do not remove plastice bag or brotform and let rest.

10:20am - Remove from brotform, score and bake in pre-heat 500C oven on a baking stone for 32min. I have a pan below the backing stone, prior to putting the loaf in the oven a pour boiling or steaming water onto the pan. I steam for the first 10min, then open the oven, remove the pan, vent the steam and continue to bake for another 22min.

comments to questions would be great!


MJ Sourdough






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We love Karin's Wild Rice bread and using WR flour for the actual rice should be good too.  Well done and

Happy baking.