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Stiff Autolyse

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Stiff Autolyse

Hello Everybody

Thought I'd update as have been experimenting with 50% autolyse for people who have been asking what is the difference between a stiff and wetter (mostly all the water)

The flavor profile is out of this world as with anything autolyse, though with 50% it seems to go to higher heights. Again im saying this because I am addicted to stiff doughs

ANY dough: Croissants, bagels, doughnuts... anything left tor rest usually gets better right?

I mix to 50% the day before and leave on counter (best if on cooler side 65 -70F) for 1 - 5 hours depending on protein level and wholegrain. Then into fridge. With regular wholemeal and AP I put straight in fridge. Next day bring to room temp add all rest of water and leave to soak on its own, until has drank most and turn to add salt/starter. Again anything slow will being rewards, honeslt have been blown away by the flavor past few days.

Sometimes I go bit too far with kneading after and dough does brake down  bit, this I have heard happens sometimes, though again flavor is too good to be true.

I actually leave the dough in the fridge for 2 extra days after bulk/ S & F . AM speechless  by what slow fermentation in every aspect can do to dough.

Below some pics of some leftover bag ends. Essentially I am not white bread person but this had to be made

Used 200g doves mixed barleycorn and 100g BF

230ml water total with overnight 50% autolyse ( about an hour on counter before fridge time)

6g salt

by mistrake I used up all my 85g of stiff white starter, when I was supposed to portion 40g. This is what happens when I make cake at the sane time. Am sad that 3 months of love/flavor has gone, but I will not cry over spilt milk and just converted another from my WW.

This was left to develop in fridge for 2 days after about 30 min counter time and 1 stretch and fold