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A Miche from Country Blonde

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A Miche from Country Blonde

I made a Miche from the Country Blonde formula in Forkish's book. 

It is 12" diameter, just shy of 4" tall, and weighs 3 lbs, 9 oz. 

Best tasting bread I have made so far! 

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edroid:  Wonderful crust, scoring and crumb.  I haven't made this one yet, and your post certainly puts this on my list.  That sure is a big loaf. Congratulations on the impressive results.  Best,  Phyllis

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We like everything about it.  Well Done and

Happy baking

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That looks beautiful.

I am preparing the very same bread today but plan to make 2 loaves in the dutch oven.

How did you create steam for the large loaf? Did you soak a second pizza stone in water and use that the way Forkish suggests?


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Thanks for the comments!

I baked the bread in a huge dutch oven. I think it is a 14 quart that is 14" in diameter. The hard part was figuring a way to lower the proofed loaf into the 500° cast iron dutch oven. I finally settled on moving the loaf from the banneton (a collander) on to a large piece of parchment paper, and then lowering the whole thing in to the dutch oven. Worked like a charm, and seemed to have great steam. 

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David Esq.

What do you do with so much bread? Do you freeze it or do you have an event or large family?  I understand that larger loaves may taste better and keep longer. Curious to know if it sticks around long enough to see if it does last longer.

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I had a dinner party last night with a dozen guests. It was really fun to be able to serve them such wonderful bread. 

We will see how the loaf ages over the next couple of days, but it sure is great this morning toasted with honey! 

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Such large loaves are a rarity for me, since it takes a while for just my wife and myself to go through any quantity of bread.  What you have here is really quite lovely.


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My miche is now four days old, and still makes great toast using a trick I learned in France: Slice bread thin enough to double up in your toaster, and toast "back to back" so to speak. Only one side gets toasted, and the interior crumb gets rejuvenated by the intense heat. Tastes great.