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bread with rye and whole wheat flour only

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bread with rye and whole wheat flour only

Has anyone made some rye bread, eg 40% rye, using only whole wheat flours

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Here is a Tzitzel using home milled whole rye and KA white whole wheat.

IF you want to use red whole wheat in place of the white WW then I would up the hydration to 91-95% instead of 85% for the white whole wheat. This was a great bread for some home made pastrami.

Here is one that is an 8 grain whole grain - just use 40% whole rye and 60% wheat and keep everything else the same

Happy Baking

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I am not sure where you live but if you can get your hands on Peter Reinhart's book, WHOLE GRAIN BREADS there are quite a few formulas with varying amounts of rye with whole wheat flour only.  Easy to follow directions. 

I checked a copy out of our local library to try it out prior to purchasing a copy for myself.  It soon became one of my favorite bread books.


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Janet, thank you for your response. I will look it up.  Herb

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Mini Oven

is also a great loaf.