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Again... ciabatta!

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Again... ciabatta!

Hey Gang, Here are a couple of pics of the ciabatta I made at the cottage in the old Moffat 'lectric oven. No formula was used, I just eYeballed it: unbleached white flour, toasted wheatgerms,salt, water and instant dried yeast. Was happy.

-David Aplin I've already said enoughCiabatta made in Moffat Oven at Clear Lake July 2007: I've already said enough

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Very nice.


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Yeah, absolutely gorgeous. Not to mention the implied scenic ambiance. And are those fried apples in the background or what?

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Mini Oven

Wheat Germ, I can just smell it reading it.   Grilled Eggplant?  Redwine?   Oooooo!  Lovely!