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3 gmas... Copycat, copycat!

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3 gmas... Copycat, copycat!

Today we made a copycat recipe from for Keebler's Pecan Sandies... small recipe, great bake and all that is left is the memories... LOL...

Barb's are the lead in picture... had to get his in there - I was afraid it would disappear like the cookies did!!!

Here are our coffee breaks later in the day...




and Barb's

  See what I meant about the picture on the lead in!!! LOL

Great times, quick bake, quick post.. i am off to California to see the kids, grands, and great grands...

Happy Baking, Will catch up with you next week.

Diane with Helen and Barbra.

PS... they tasted great, by the way! 

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good recipe, really tasted like the ones those little elves make. The toasted pecans gave a richness that more than made up for the fact that vegetable shortening was used instead of butter.

We'll look forward to our sisterly baking again when we celebrate Diane's return. Helen has our sights on a Danish pastry day.

Safe journey my sister,


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I love pecans more than just about anything....wish you could tele-port some of them over for me to try.

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many times when looking at the bread you make!

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pecan sandy and yours have to be great .  Love the cookies and coffee break pictures.  Happy baking to the GMA's.

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I envy you your sisters!