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White spelt

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White spelt

For 3 pieces.

1.000 gr white spelt flour
600 ml water
20 gr salt
5 gr fresh yeast
200 ml of sourdough (I added organic stoneground t80 wheat flour sourdough, but you can use spelt sourdough).

Bulk fermentation, about 4-5 hours stretching and folding 2 times at 45m and 1h45m. Divide in 3 pieces. Preshape. Shape. Final proof, 45m-1h15m. I think this excessive spring oven is because I baked it too young, after only 45m of final proof. Next time I'll let it rest a little bit more before baking.

Abel Sierra, Barcelona.

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Wow , what a bloom Abel! I've never seen such a wide bloom before. 

Nice job,


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for a hearing aid.  Well done and happy baking

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What a bloom indeed.

LOVE the look of it and the colour is divine.