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Struan Bread

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Struan Bread

I am getting ready to make the Struan Bread tomorrow.  The recipe calls for a lot of sweetener, 3 Tbs brown sugar and 1.5 Tbs honey.  I am tempted to leave in all the honey but cut the brown sugar back to 1 Tbs.  What have others done with this recipe?

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I bake it as the recipe suggests, but it is extremely sweet. If you don't enjoy sweet breads and would prefer it be more like a standard multi-grain bread then do cut back.

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I just baked 2 struan loaves this weekend. I used 3 Tbsp raw sugar (which I find not as sweet as regular brown sugar) and only 1 Tbsp honey. The bread is still a little sweet but not that sweet. I hope this helps. Have fun baking tommorow!

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After all the hype about Struan - mostly Peter Reinhart's, really - I tried it and found it too sweet.  That's the only time I've made it so far.  I thought the next time maybe I'd forget the honey.