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SFBI Newsletter: Slashing, Newer Techniques, etc.

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SFBI Newsletter: Slashing, Newer Techniques, etc.

Being a novice, I assume people already know this but fyi the SFBI newsletter is out and has several interesting things to say on the subjects that are discussed here. The article is too long to quote here but you may wish to read it and log your opinions here.

You can click on  SFBI  for a down load of the pdf version. 

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Country Boy,
Splendid, thank you. Maggie664 (a country girl at heart)

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staff of life

I discovered that site several weeks ago and devoured the information.  Something I found very interesting was the very first newsletter they printed, where Monica I believe, writes about the use (I don't know the technical name) of flour that's been gelatinized, i.e., had boiling water poured over it.  She mentions it in reference to having a higher hydration 100% whole wheat bread that holds its shape, but also mentions that there is a vastly different flavor brought out in the bread.  I saw that Peter Reinhart's Tuscan bread uses this technique, and I just pulled two of these loaves out of the oven.  They smell so different!  So sweet and wheaty!  I'm going to force myself to wait to cut into them, but oh is my curiosity piqued!  If this bread turns out well, I might just be forced (happily so) to try using this technique to make a 100% whole wheat bread, which I normally avoid.


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for the information. I also had never noticed this on the site. I've signed up!


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I've never noticed the newsletter on that site, either. What a great resource. Thanks so much!