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We 3 gmas are back on schedule!

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We 3 gmas are back on schedule!

Hello again. We have been off schedule, working on hand embroidery projects and things, because I had ankle reconstructive surgery on March 3rd and was on "non-weight bearing" status... we still baked... especially Barbra and Helen... and shared with each other on a daily basis, but not really on a "let's bake together" schedule. But now we have jumped that hurdle and are off and running... (not really, running, LOL)... 

This week we baked a KA recipe. Italian Easter Cheese Bread... what a stinky cheesy bake... lovely! The lead in picture is Barbra's... she used a pannetone paper pan to bake her loaf... Helen and I used loaf pans.

Here is a bigger picture of Barb's 

In the front right of her picture you can see her other loaf, I am not sure if it is Alaskan Sourdough or Tartine... but it is lovely too.

Helen put sesame seeds on her loaf and it looks great! This is a really tasty bread, I am very happy with the recipe...

 Doesn't this look like the perfect loaf of bread!

Mine is without the sesame, but you can see the grated cheese in there...

                                          Great texture. Great recipe, great fun with my sisters... It is so good to be back to...


Thanks to my sisters, for being there for me IN EVERYTHING!

Happy Baking, Y'all

Diane, with Barbra and Helen




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And baking all at the same time with my sisters ! After the egg wash I sprinkled on a dash or two of crushed red pepper flakes. I agree that this is a great recipe and super easy too.

The bread on the right is Tartine, my first try at Tartine morning baking. I've not had the best of outcomes in the past with overnight refrigeration and we all like the Tartine so much I wasn't willing to risk it. Knowing we were making the Italian Cheese Bread the next day gave me the incentive to try. Started around 5 pm, into the refrigerator at 10:30 and out at 6:30am to warm up while Dutch Ovens heated up. I was glad to note that there wasn't a noticeable increase in "sourness" just that nice taste that balances between tangy and very mildly sour. Nice size holes in crumb, almost made it to the coveted six inches tall, well five and a half anyway!

This morning I saw the link to the NY Times pizza article and promptly mixed some up. What a nice silky soft dough. The video was well done and good to watch for shaping techniques. Now to the store to get some fresh mozzarella and some arugula. Unlike my more adventurous sisters, I've never tried making homemade mozz-

Looking forward to leaving the lurking status behind and entering the floury arena once again.


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GMA's took time off to do some panettone baking when I saw the first photo.   Then I see it is Easter Cheese bread,  Who knew cheese bread was an Easter treat?  No more colored eggs tucked in the braids....The other two braided cheese breads look well done too.  Fine baking all the way around.  Glad to see you are all back to sister baking.  The ankle will heal before you know it.  Well done and 

Happy Baking GMA's


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Great looking bake GMA's!

 Glad to see you back posting together and with such beautiful loaves.  So what kind of cheese did you use?

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It is good to be back to "normal." hah!

The recipe said you could use parmesan, asiago, or romano.... I used a blend of all three. Really good.

Happy Baking, Diane