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no-knead, high hydration, cold oven - Help!

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no-knead, high hydration, cold oven - Help!

The first time I baked a no-knead loaf in a cold oven, it came out perfect. It was made with bread flour. I don't remember if I greased the pan, or what the oven temp was.

The next 3 loaves have stuck big time. They were -

whole meal spelt, greased with butter, baked in corningware

bread flour, greased with butter, baked in pyrex

multigrain, greased with safflower oil, baked in stainless dutch oven

For those of you who start NK or other high hydration doughs in a cold oven, do you grease the pans? Is there some secret I'm missing? The doughs all seemed decently developed beforehand. The first two tasted fine, once I got them out of the pans. The 3rd loaf is still in its straight sided ducth oven, and I'm not sure just how I'll get it out. I think I'm going to have to cut the bread so I can get a spatula between the bread and the bottom of the pan. Too bad, I'm moderately happy with the slash pattern on this one.


Later edited to add - after cooling in the pan awhile, the bread tipped right out.

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Mini Oven

paper.  Try using an oil or margarine that won't brown as quickly as butter and then dust with rolled oats, nut meats, bread crumbs, flour or seeds before plopping your dough in.  -- Mini Oven

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I use parchment paper, it will not dissapoint.




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When you put the bread into the cold oven, what temperature do you turn it to? I always turn it to full - the loaf is either put into a tin smeared with olive oil, or baked free form. Not had any trouble sticking - but having posted this, the next one very likely will!

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mini oven, rcornwall & andrew - thanks for the responses.  I guess I was spoiled by the effects of the dough hitting a hot pan - no pan prep needed.  I've been setting the oven to 500 when I turn it on.

I will add flour or wheat bran after greasing the pan from now on.  For the last loaf I used safflower oil, because I knew it could take the high heat.

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Grease it lightly and then sprinkle liberally with coarse cornmeal. Gives a delightful crunch to the bottom crust, too! Cheers, bluesbread