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Yesterday's Bake

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Yesterday's Bake

Baked two loaves yesterday one made with harvest grains from KA and one using a mix of fresh starter and cold unrefreshed starter. Both are 100% starters but I mixed the two to see what it would do the the flavor profile.

Here is how the two loaves looked after the first forming.

This is the harvest grain loaf just out of the oven.

The crumb about an hour later.

The second loaf just out of the oven right out of the oven.


The harvest grain loaf has a great flavor and texture.

The second loaf we are having with a pasta dinner tonight.

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Your breads alway look great!

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Thank you Darwin, that really kind of you!

We cut into the second loaf this evening and I was happy with the crumb. I didn't notice much change in the flavor from using the cold starter but the crumb had a lot of holes.

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Those look great.  Fantastic crumb on the second one.  What was the hydration?

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Thank you isand66!

The hydration on the second loaf was 67% accounting for 100% starter. Here's a breakdown.


Hydration %100.0% 
Warm Water300.050.0%
Bread Flour450.075.0%
Rye Flour50.08.3%
Total Weight1011.0168.5%
Total Flour600.0100.0%
Total Water400.066.7%
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Those should go well with just aboiut anything or even just plain all by themselves.  Well done

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Thank you, both are being enjoyed