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Convert Pate Fermente into Poolish?

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Convert Pate Fermente into Poolish?

Just tried my hand at my first pate fermente. I was a little confused at the approach....the directions were to mix, knead for 4 minutes, rest for 1 hour and then refrigerate for 12-15 hours before incorporating.

I saw others that instructed to mix, knead, then sit at room temperature for 15 hours. I can only assume they are using far less yeast?

Anyway, while I enjoyed the outcome I did not enjoy adding another 15 hours to my production time. I'm curious to know if I can convert this into a poolish somehow? I typically use a 3 hr. poolish and slow ferment in the refrigerator overnight. Can I just pull all the water and an equal volume of flour into a poolish or will I get completely different results?