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Oven steaming-cracked pot

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Oven steaming-cracked pot

This morning when baking my ciabatta bread I cracked the pot I used for the steam.  Basically what happened was that I preheated the oven with the corning ware pot on the bottom rack, then when I put the loaf in the oven, I added the water to the lower pot.  It cracked.  Should I have put the pot in cold (with the water) or should the water have been boiling?  The video I watched showed to preheat the pot in the oven and then add the water when you put in your loaf.  It didn't say if the water should be hot or not.  

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cracked pot every time.  I use the Pyrex large pan with lava rocks half full of water for mega steam.  It goes in when the oven temperature says it is at 550 F .  In 15 minutes the steam is billowing and the 2 baking stones (top and bottom) have caught up with the the air temperature and are at 500 F too.

I have seen clay bakers crack when cold dough was put in them when the pot was oven temperature too.  But water in hot glass will bust it every time,

If you want to toss in water - just use a a metal pan to toss it in.

Happy steaming

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I use a cast iron pan with lava rock for steam when not using a cast iron double cooker.