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Why Not Round Bread?

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Why Not Round Bread?

Bread being square when it is placed on a (round) plate alongside other food the edges of the bread slice hangs off the plate. This subconsciously makes you think that you are full, therefore, you eat less bread because your plate space appears more occupied. 

On a plate people tend to have on average 2 slices of bread (or less) and no more than 3 slices of bread a day (unless you are a loaf lover like us). If bread was round, they would look smaller on your plate. Your mind would tell you that you are not satisfied and you would eat more - which is good for bread companies.

So why don't we make round packet bread? 

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Mini Oven

by the way, where are you getting these ideas of consumption?

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and we are talking 'mass quantities' of consumption :-) 

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YES! People don't reference Coneheads enough. It's a classic :-)

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percent whole grains at very high hydration.  I usually eat about 4-8 half slices a day depending on what it is accompanying.

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1st: Most square bread comes in plastic bags. Where did they get this 200 years ago?

2nd: The only 4 types of square breads I know are:


Party bread (Pumpernickel)

100% rye

Knäckebröd / Crisp bread

I've seen some statistics about german bread:

Rye mixed: 31%, Rye 21%, Wheat mixed 15%, Multigrain 12%, Toastbread 10%, Wheat 9%, else: 2,0%.

Most ">90% rye bread" doesn't come squared. Toastbread always comes squared. My estimation therefore:

Less then 20% of the bread is squared. And this number even becomes less if you count in rolls.

Edit: typo in numbers.