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Whole Wheat & Rye Loaf's a BRICK

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Whole Wheat & Rye Loaf's a BRICK

So last weekend I decided to spend the weekend making sour dough breads. I prepared during the week so I was ready for baking on Saturday and I made several loaves. 


The onion Rye turned out and looked just like the picture in Reinhart's Whole Grain book but was very heavy. I then made a 100% whole wheat and it was a brick and had a dense crumb. I also made a 100% WW cinnamon raisin bread and it was also a brick. All were by the book and while they tasted good the WW's could have been used as a boat anchor. Any idea how to make these breads lighter with a little more of an open crumb? I was probably out of my league making these but I wanted a challenge and I certainly had one. I'll add a picture of the Rye as soon as I dig it out. Any help would be appreciate and as always thanks for any help that can be provided.