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Bulk proofing in fridge.

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Bulk proofing in fridge.

I have just made some dough and started to leave it to proof. I now have to go out and will not be back before  the proofing is finished.  If I put it in the fridge until I return, what should I do when I return?  I don't think I will have time to finish and bake the loaves when I return. Could I continue to leave it in the fridge overnight?

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If they fully proof you can bake them cold right out of the oven.  If they have't finished proofing during the cold retard, then let them warm up and finish proofing in the morning.

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I routinely bulk proof my doughs in the fridge overnight - I sell my breads, and want to do the mixing the day before. It works like a charm, and for many recipes you can reduce the amount of yeast for this longer ripening.
Dough for larger breads you can either remove from the fridge 2 hours prior to shaping, to warm up again, or you have to proof the shaped loaves longer. For rolls or small breads, like pitas, this is not necessary, since they warm up fast enough, when shaped.

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