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what to do with un-risen dough?

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what to do with un-risen dough? I think I jumped the gun & tried baking with my starter before it was ready - I reactivated a dehydrated starter. It was active and mature when dried - the 'new' activation was doubling between feedings at about 12 hours the doubling was slow.  I think I should have waited few more days.  I haven't done sourdough in a couple years & it seems I've forgotten everything I've learned.  My dough is 9 hours old now & almost no rise ...I placed it in a very warm spot at about 6 hours of age & wonder if I killed it ( it ended up at around 95 degrees, for about 45 minutes) ...anyway, it doesn't seem to be doing anything now ...I don't want to pitch it - pretzels or bagels? Ideas?   TY!

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Divide into 2 oz pieces, or so, and freeze. Defrost and throw into future recipes as desired.

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Mini Oven

sprinkle a teaspoon or two of  instant yeast on it and mist the yeast to moisten.  Then roll up and knead the dough to distribute the yeast.  Give it a bulk rise, shape and final rise.    no need to waste what could be a very tasty dough that already has good "wet time."  

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Both great ideas! Thanks!  I think I'll freeze one loaf & re-yeast the other!