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Water Variations

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Water Variations

Hey Folks,

I'm looking for advise, comments, or pros/cons of using bottled mineral/sparkling water, not tonic or club soda, in my dough mix........

I think that I read some years ago that using it had some value (?).

I used it in the baguettes pictured, but would still like some of your thoughts..........

Thanks mucho......



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Those loaves really look delicious!  What recipe did you use?

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Thanks for the comment.  The baguettes were "pretty-guuud".

Below I cut and pasted my recipe.  I've been using it since late '90's.  It is just a version of simple dough at 66% hydration.  I do add sugar and I use bread flour instead of the traditional '00' common to the French dough. 

Also, a few years ago I built a standard size gas fired brick oven with internal spray bar.  And I use a Hobie N50 with a spiral dough hook to knead.  Between the two I've been able to "almost" become proficient, but still have a long way to go and much to learn......... 

I's like golf.... occasionally you make a good shot which keep you in the game.  Have fun!

French (66% Hyd, F=650g/W=431g)

Poolish: 215g flour 215g water

1/8 tsp yeast

Hand mix well, sit out 2 ~3 hours then in fridge over night in summer. Winter sit out all night.

Dough: 436g flour 216g water

4g yeast
15g salt/sugar

Combine ingredients, mix at SP1 in Hobie until comes together. Then allow to hydrate for 20 minutes.

Knead using Hobie SP2 for 8 ~ 9 minutes.

Place dough into oiled tub and allow about 3 hour first rise. Fold dough after each hour.

Turn out dough, pre-shape, allow to rest / relax for about 20 minutes.

Form two Baguettes (sm 300g, normal 350g) and one Batard (approx. 400g).

Allow about 1 1⁄4 hour 2nd rise in Couche. Then transfer to baking pan and allow about 15min for skin to dry for slashing.

Baking: (Total Time 25~35min. Rack in middle.)


Pre-heat oven to 450f. 

Turn thermostat OFF.  Flu & Burner vent closed.

Place loafs into oven. Spray (2 sec.) immediately and again after 2 minutes.  Leave oven set same for another 5 minutes (total 7min.)

After the 7 minutes open Flu and Vent, turn thermostat up to 375f.

Continue to bake for a total time of 25 minutes for Baguettes and 35 minutes for Batard or until golden brown. 

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Thanks for commenting..

You are correct and I understand.  In our area the public water extremely hard.  I use bottled plain water all the time, but sometimes needing a new challenge I thought since I use bottled water anyway why not try the "bubbly" waters that are widely available.  I just can't leave well enough alone......

Just a wild thought.......

Oh,,,, is there anyway to attach a '.pdf' to a post or comment????

See ya,,,,,