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Under, meet over.

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pizza fool

Under, meet over.

Left is Reinhart's Pain Au Levain from ABED. 3.5 days retard, maybe 15 minutes under-proofed, 10 minutes under baked cause loaf 2 had to go in.  Right is Leader's pain au levain, overnight retard, 20 minutes over-proofed, under-floured banneton, and it sprang out of the bottom corner rather than through my slashes.  My hideous deformities have made me an enemy of mankind!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I am so grateful for this warm, welcoming and knowledgable community of bread lovers.  Happy baking, and happier eating!


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They don't call it artisan baking for nothing!  If it were perfect all the time it wouldn't be so much fun.  I'm sure hey taste great which is what matters the most.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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For Thanksgiving I made two breads I've made several times before (ITJB onion pockets and BBA poolish focaccia). While both were well received and I enjoyed baking them, I missed the excitement of overcoming difficulties to make the bread come out right.

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Thank you, Eli!  Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving as well!

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and i bet they taste even better.

Happy Thanksgiving