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We 3 gmas aspired to achieve Janetcook's level

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We 3 gmas aspired to achieve Janetcook's level

of baking.... We made the 100% Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Pecan bread... with variations. Barb's looks the most like Janetcook's but may be the least like it by ingredients. 

The lead in picture is Barb's loaf whole and here is the crumb shot....

This is where our big sister got creative... she is such an adventurist... and has such great ideas... this looks like a very good bread... and she tells us how to do it... I like that about her!


RecipeSweet Potato, Walnuts, and Plums, oh Rye! Flour amounts are an odd mix because they are what I had on hand. Found rye and spelt while looking in the freezer for whole wheat flour-added all purpose to finish the 1000g .           Dark Rye flour  262 g; Spelt flour   175 g; All Purpose flour  562 g;  Whey powder   40 g;      Vital Wheat Gluten  38 g;  Levain   200 g;  Water  800 g;    Salt  19 g;  Mashed sweetpotato   300 g;  Toasted walnuts   200 g;  Pitted plums   200 g;  Mix flours, whey powder and vital wheat gluten together, add to levain and water. Let rest for 30-40 minutes. Add salt and mix well. Let rest 20-30 minutes. Add potato, walnuts and plums after another 30 minutes, mix well then do first stretch and fold. In the next hour do two more stretch and folds. Let ferment for about three hours. Should at least double. Divide into brotforms or couche floured with rice flour. Let proof for about an hour and a half to two hours. Bake at 450 degrees with lids on Dutch Ovens for 20 minutes, then 15-25 minutes more until rich dark brown.  

Wow... Helen and I used a recipe from "" Whole Wheat Sweet Potato Bread.

We added pecans... and amazingly our loaves look very similar... not the artisan look of Janetcook's and Barb's... but very tasty sandwich bread... we both used white whole wheat flour.

 This is how the dough looked in the pan... this bread rested for 10 minutes and then rose once in the pan.

Here is Helen's whole loaf.

and her crumb shot...

and next is mine whole loaf.....

and then my crumb shot....

These loaves are very similar.

It would be really hard to beat the birthday bake up at Barbra's house in Washington, together... but this was a fun bake and took place on our Mama's birthday... so it really was a birthday bake... had Mama still been with us she would have been 101 on baking day.

Next week, no birthdays.. unless we wait to bake on Saturday, which is Helen's daughter Nancy's birthday... turn to pick... inspire me TFLers... or challenge us... 

Happy Baking, Diane, Helen, and Barbra... all from our own kitchens, yet together by text and email..., baking with my sisters is always the best.




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bake together again....from a distance this time.  The distance didn't seem to dull your baking skills any from the looks of all of your breads.  Sadly, none of us will be baking whole grains up to Janet's level any time soon but,,,,her standard is something to shoot for - a fine goal for sure.

All of them look more different on the outside than they do on the inside.   This had to be some tasty bread.  Sweet potato in bread is a sure winner this time of year - it has to taste ad good as it looks.

Nice baking GMA's and well done all the way around.  We keep plugging away at it every week and sure enough we get better at this bread stuff whether we like ti or not!.

Happy baking to you all and enjoy the weekend!

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Janet surely is the whole grain queen... but you are the "Man of the Seeded, scalded, sprouted Breads." Thank goodness ALL the TFLoafians are there to inspire.

Great Holiday Baking,