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20% spelt flour loaf

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20% spelt flour loaf

I baked this loaf yesterday morning with some spelt flour I received form Tasmania, Australia.I toasted up a slice this morning and it really has a nice flavor.

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Great baking all the way around.

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Juergen Krauss

Sure it tastes as good as it looks

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What a gorgeous looking loaf. I can almost taste it, it looks that good. 

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Thanks for the kind comments!

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That is such A beautiful crust !  I am enjoying the ears on your baby :). That probably tastes wonderful.  

Warm regards,


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What a beautiful loaf!  Color, shape and scoring.

I have been experimenting with spelt lately too.  I like how adding a bit  makes my whole grain dough handle when shaping.  

If you ever want to try a 100% Spelt loaf that is a favorite around here you might check out JuergenKrauss' blog where he posted one several years ago that is wonderful.

Take Care,



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Casey & Janet, Thank you both for the comments. The loaf has a nice subtle almost nutty flavor. 

Thanks Janet for the heads up on the whole spelt bread recipe, I will look for it.

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So was that Tasmanian spelt flour available in the US?

regards Yozza

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Hello Yozza,

Sadly, no, it's not available here in the US. The flour was a thank you gift from Graham & son at Companion Bakery in Oatlands Tasmania. I wrote a review of of two Bay area bakeries for their blog at

The flour is from Callington Mill, which is across the street from Companion Bakery. The mill is a restored !800's Georgian windmill.

I received 1 kilo of the spelt and two kilo's of the wheat flour light sifted. The flour is some of the nicest flour I've ever used. I wish I could obtain more of the flour but shipping from Australia makes it really expensive flour.