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We 3 gmas baked "Apricot" bread...

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We 3 gmas baked "Apricot" bread...

Okay... maybe one of us... actually did. The lead in picture is Barbra's bread made with citrons and chopped almonds... Looks very good to me... nice color and shape. 

 As you can see she baked it in a roaster... covered for a bit and then uncovered.


Helen is the one of us that actually followed the recipe... here is the dough with apricots and almonds mixed in.

She baked it in a cold dutch oven... and covered it for the first 15 minutes, leaving it uncovered for 25 minutes.

 Nicely blistered crust. Good color.

She said it smells great and has a nice thin soft crust... that is just the way I like it!!! YUMMMM.

Very good looking loaf... It is about 4 inches in the center...... Good job, my sisters!

My bread has candied fruitcake mix and chopped walnuts in the dough.  Made for an interesting looking dough... those colors make it look like there are vegetables in there... LOL

I didn't get much of a rise and really had to bake it dark to get the inside temperature up to 200.... has a really dense crumb, but it tastes really good.

 Tastes a lot like fruitcake but I guess that should be no surprise... what a fun day baking with my sisters... and more fun left in the year!!! I am thinking it is Barb's turn to choose what we bake next week... I am leaning toward something I saw in the KA catalog... hmmm, I wonder if they can guess what it is....

See all y'all next week.

Happy Holiday Baking Season is Here.

Barbra, Diane, and Helen


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these 3 examples clearly show.  Apricots are so under used in bread - like pistachios.  But one of my favorite breads is the Mellow Yellow bread where semolina,millet seeds, pistachios and apricots take center stage.  The fruit cake bread has to be fantastic since fruit cake of any kind are fantastic - even ancient ones can be revived the bourbon or brandy:-)

Lucy wanted to put apricots in our bake today but, since she had to go to the groomer, we forgot them and she was a little peeved. 

I am so jealous I can't do any DO baking like the GMA's until the temps get below 80 F here.  Another month maybe.

Beautiful baking all the way around sisters.   You are so lucky to have each other and doing something together you all enjoy.   Well done and

 Happy Baking!


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I want to come bake with you ladies, they all look incredible!


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Great looking bake as usual.  Like your different twists.


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We are indeed lucky to have each other and even more so to share this interest in adventures in baking. I'm going to make this again this mornng now that I have some dried apricots. Am curious to see how it is received since I think the sweetness of the golden raisins may be what the famiy liked so much.

Take care,


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I will post pictures if you want to send them to me... lovies.