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Internal dough temp and final rise time

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Internal dough temp and final rise time

Hi guys,


Anyone out there has a spread sheet showing the Relationship between rise time and dough temp. For instance my last rise on the sourdough is usually 2h30 at 76 degree. However if for some reason i am baking at a friends house and i cannot control my temp because i dont have my proofer how do i know how long to let rise at say 70 degree instead of 76.

Is there some kind of relationship between temp and time or a rule like for each degree you have to add 20 minutes.


Any help would be greatly appreciated




Dan in Montreal

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I cannot give you an accurate answer in time, but I would guess about an additional hour.  You might try placing the dough in a cold oven with the oven light on and check the temperature.  Your best test would be the two finger impression test of the dough.