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Sourdough starter floated!

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Gramma Berries

Sourdough starter floated!

I mixed up my bread in my kitchen aid, it looked like the videos- I until I went to remove it. It was very wet and sticky.  I put oil on it and got it into a bowl it is now raising. I hope. My question is -  how long into the knead could I have added flour. I imagine it is going to be too late now. I will see if it rises, and go from there. 

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Don't have any idea how late you are "supposed" to be able to add flour, but I add a spoonful at a time until the dough looks right. I have learned to take it out of the Kitchen Aid before I think it is finished and knead it for a bit on a lightly floured counter. It is amazing to me how a few quick turns will tighten the dough up and take away the stickiness of a too loose dough.