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Type 70 Flour Bread from SFBI

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Type 70 Flour Bread from SFBI

Here's formula and video for a really good bread from the folks at the San Francisco Baking institute:
This thing crashes every time I try to paste a URL into the post so here is just the important part of the URL:

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Really interesting article and video - video shows a neat technique for shaping high hydration batards. Plus the Baker's Percentage is available for download.

Thanks a bunch for this. I got a lot out of it.

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I agree... totally awesome. Makes me want to get a bin and make some high hydration dough. I really need to start playing more with the stretch and fold. I usually will knead the dough most of the way, then do stretch and folds to finish the job. I need to get the guts up to forget the initial knead.