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2 gmas Brioching 1 gma Reunioning!

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2 gmas Brioching 1 gma Reunioning!

I wonder if either of those are verbs??? What a week... Helen and I did make up the brioche I suggested, and Barb was very busy getting "baked ahead" breads ready for her yearly family reunion.  She is blessed to have both of her sons and all of their progeny with her for two weeks. CA branch of the family travels up to WA each year and the fun, baking, making jams, and many filipeno dishes is ON! Here are some pictures of our baking together, albeit different items this past weekend.

I led in with Helen's Brioche and her HOMEMADE blackberry jam. That looks so very good... I almost got in the car and drove the 45 miles when I got the picture... figured it might still be warm... Here is her loaf.

that certainly looks great, all those eggs and butter and then the egg wash... YUMMMMMY.

I sectioned my dough with my bench knife prior to the final proof, so I have a different look. This is really good toast. Mine is pictured with my Prickly Pear Cactus, yes homemade, Jelly.

  this is really good... I am going to try it with my Jalapeno Jelly too... and then the French Toast with strawberries and bananas for breakfast... I really like the flavor of this "egg bread." 

Here is Barb's lead in to her picture!

Well it isn't Brioche but there is honey almond granola, gluten free sandwich bread and two Tartine boules. Gluten free pan of Brownies wouldn't fit into picture. Potato salad is in refrigerator and meatloaf is on the oven. I'm done now! Fun baking day even if I went astray a bit! 


These are great looking  breads and brownies. I haven't really tried gluten-free baking, Barb has a grandson who is sensitive to wheat... Barb is good at baking EVERYTHING.  Here is a list of what ESLE she is up to this week. 

I have a list of things for the next two weeks, from Filipino coconut buns to pretzels, and pretzel rolls, to ensaymada (another Filipino roll, found a recipe on TFL of course :-)) 

Helen and I will have to research some of the things Barb has planned and jump into her schedule.... hmmmm Ensaymada she says, right here on TFL... Gotta Go!

Happy Baking

Diane, Helen, and Barb (et al.)

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You GMA's have a  Whirling Dervish of Kitchentolgy going on this week.  Brioche, boules,  coconut buns, pretzels, pretzel rolls, ensaymada, meatloaf, granola,jam, jelly, French toast, brownies..... and who knows what else.  All of it looks fantastic and it just has to taste great.  I'm exhausted just reading about it all :-)

Happy baking GMA's

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as our adopted grandson, you should be tired!!! Add your baking to this and we would all be overwhelmed. Thanks for the nice words.