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We 3 gmas were "on a roll!"

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We 3 gmas were "on a roll!"

This week Helen had a hankering for mini-rolls, after checking them out on the King Arthur website. Since small sandwiches work for us, I agreed and so did our baking guru elder Barbra. This recipe was interesting in that it had both nonfat dry milk in the dough AND potato flakes, oh AND cornmeal..... having found some flakes with added goodies I was intrigued.  We all ended up with very similar looking rolls...

Here are our end products: 

These are Helen's rolls after buttering them upon taking them out of the oven. Nice size for small sandwiches and sliders.

These are Barb's stack of rolls and they too look sandwich worthy, here is a shot of the crumb.

My rolls are the lead in picture and they are very good... Froze half of them for another time and have enjoyed cold cuts and even tuna on the others... still want to make turkey burger sliders ... 

We had no visits from Lucy or any wicked kitchen fairies... had a good bake and good conversation regarding the curiosity of the dough ingredients... enjoyed ourselves and kept the warm glow of the ovens going...

Happy Baking, next week Brioche (my pick) Recipe from "An idiot's guide to Artisan Baking" 

Helen, Diane and Barbra (in reverse birth order, LOL)



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a huge gold star to Diane's forehead and send her off  as TFL's ambassador to 'Best Rolls in America Live Bake Off' reality show and take Lucy as her apprentice.  I told her that there were already apprentices there and lowly apprentices don't get to travel.  Especially when they are afraid of cars, boats, planes, motorcycles - even balloons, kites and her own shadow:-)  There is nothing moving she won't bark at!

Not that Hellen's and Barbra's rolls aren't first rate, they are but that lead shot is the roll I've been trying to find for just about forever.  Barbara's stack is gorgeous and Helen's is yummy with the butter.   Each of them are just beautiful - well done!  All of them are better than any roll I've made - not even close.  I'm sending Lucy off to get the recipe from the KA website to get her mind off not going to a bake off ....far far away.

Now Lucy isn't talking to me.

Happy baking GMa's

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for the kind words.. you will love this recipe... by the way, I didn't mention that the potato flakes I used had applewood smoked bacon bits in them. Really good in these rolls. 

Thanks again, Diane

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Lovely cute rolls, Gmas!

 Now potato flakes, and non fat dry milk.. that will take some searching. Why in the heavens would they use non fat dry milk in baked goods? does it have an advantage over full fat milk? has anyone noticed this?


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I've wondered about that myself. I often use the noninstant dry milk for breads, but I have also used full fat milk as the only liquid when I've not had dry milk powder. The potato flakes are interchangeable with potato flour with minor adjustments. What was different about this particular recipe was its addition of a small amount of semolina.

Hope someone has the answer about why the nonfat dry milk.


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When made into NFDMP.  Fresh milk should be scalded before using in baked goods according to baking gurus to denature it.  I use fresh milk all the time but I'm not a guru.  What the advantage is I don't know and can't tell from the end results.

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I have read, and I'm not sure where (I think  it was Michel Suas's Advanced Bread and Pastry), that (nearly?) all milk is now flash pasteurized at a high enough temp to denature it. Like you, I haven't noticed the difference between scalded and not.

As for using NFDMS, it's really a matter of convenience, and for commercial bakeries, a matter of economics. NFDMS does not require refrigeration, nor does it require that you warm it to room temp before using. Most importantly, it means I'm not using my good tasting fresh milk and finding myself short when I go to make a bowl of cereal for a late night snack.