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Water bath- success

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Water bath- success

Okay, I am going to answer my own question. I was wondering about water baths for your sourdough starter. I did some experimentation and had good results.

   This morning I woke up to a thin layer of grayish looking mold on my starter. After doing some online research, I scraped off as much mold as I could and then poured out the layer of "hooch" which had also formed. Then I switched it to a new and sterile . I filled a large bowl with the hottest water our sink would produce. Which isn't too hot, but it was pretty warm. Then I put the starter jar in the warm water bowl and covered the jar with a slightly damp  paper napkin.

Now, it is smelling much better than before, it's bubbly and rises perfectly after each feeding and I'm so happy with it!  I also started feeding it every 6 hours to see if it would eliminate the "hooch"- it did!

Well, that's it! maybe it will be helpful to someone! Have any question, feel free to ask! I am learning lots with this little baby!