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Advice on making No Knead Jalapeno Cheaddar Bread--First Time

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Bread Head

Advice on making No Knead Jalapeno Cheaddar Bread--First Time

Any tips I need to know about adding cheese and/or jalapeno to the dough?

I have the Jim Lahey bread down pretty good, but my son just asked for cheese in the bread this time.

Couple of question;

I plan on cubing the sharp cheddar, when do I add it?  During the initial mix of everything or maybe after a turn or two?

Same thing on adding the jalapenos?

Can I bake in a loaf pan or should I use the cast iron pot?



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I think you can bake in a loaf pan. Though, I think a cast iron pot would give a better crispy crust.

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Frequent Flyer
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Here is one that my sisters and I made recently. Received good reviews from family and disappeared fast. There is a link there to the recipe that we used. 

Another one I just tried was on line (Google "hedgehog bread". You use a baked boule with hash type cuts like you would do on a ham and then stuff cheese mixed with a little melted butter and chopped jalapenos into the slashes. Wrap in foil for twenty minutes or so and then a bit more uncovered. I thought it would be good as a pull apart and dipped into marinara, olive oil or garlic sauce. It disappeared too fast for sauces though.