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white flour and proportions

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white flour and proportions

I recently started feeding my starter all purpose flour instead of whole wheat. I'm still feeding it at 1:1:1 by weight, but the consistency seems quite thinner. Should I give it more flour so that it maintains the older consistency, or is it fine? (With whole wheat flour, the consistency was like biscuit batter, now it is more like muffin batter).

Also, should I keep feeding it 1:1:1? How do I know when/if to change that? I was reading recommendations of 1:2:2 or 1:5:5.


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wayne on FLUKE

I'm no expert, but my thinking that 1:1:1 is going to provide food for a certain amount of time depending on temp and many other factors. 1:2:2 is providing relatively twice as much food so will last longer.

I wouldn't worry too much about the consistency, just adjust as needed at final mixing/kneading.